Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer Industry in Turkey



The Importance of Quality in Bedroom Furniture Industry in Turkey

In this article, the Turkish Furniture Industry has been examined and the effects of quality and standardization on marketing have been determined. Especially in the bedroom furniture and modular furniture areas, analyzes were made. For this purpose, Ankara, Bursa, Inegol and Kayseri are choosen cities.

Detailed survey studies were conducted with medium and large-scale enterprises operating in the provinces. Quality of selected furniture companies, brands, trademarks;

Marketing and production units were examined. Particular attention has been paid to businesses that have a quality assurance certificate. Establishing a quality system, having a quality certificate increases its exports in terms of marketing and produces quality products continuously, increases its foreign market share, improves product designs and accelerates the production process.

found to reduce costs. It has been observed that low-priced products provide a competitive advantage in the market. Also, businesses

has continuously improved its current standards and capacities and aimed at customer satisfaction.



Turkey is a not big business in the world furniture trade. has a share. However, this rate is increasing every year. Turkey's share in world furniture exports In 2021, it increased by 24 percent to reach 5 billion dollars.

Turkey's geographical location increases its export opportunities especially for Europe, Africa and America. The domestic market, the EU furniture market with a need of more than 80 billion dollars, Turkish Republics have high purchasing power With Middle Eastern countries and 200 billion dollar consumption We should also consider the US market. We must restructure the Turkish furniture industry and develop new strategies. In order to enter the developed country markets, first     We must manufacture the products in the desired quality and standards. Our intensive commercial exchange with the EU ensures compliance with the quality standards in the EU regarding the furniture industry.

 With the widespread use of automation in factories, raising awareness in furniture stores, the export of bedroom furniture continues in large quantities. In particular, the American furniture market wants low technology and capital, labor-intensive and handcrafted furniture products, while the European market, on the contrary, demands less machine-intensive and less labor-intensive furniture. America wants more ornate and handcrafted bedroom furniture, Europe wants simpler and machine-made bedroom furniture.

2. Turkish Furniture Industry - Bedroom Furniture

We can divide the factories into two in the Turkish furniture industry. Workshop type, small-scale enterprises working with traditional methods were dominant. However, with the developing technology, large factories that make automation production in 2022 are concentrated. In Turkey

The methods by which the manufacturers and exporters operating in the furniture industry export are of great importance. We do not have an international furniture brand that has cost the world, except for a few companies. As a solution, small and medium-sized furniture companies should be trained in bureaucratic procedures for export, the bureaucratic obstacles should be removed, the public institutions and organizations that will conduct market research by informing the enterprises should be used effectively, and the export-oriented government should be trained.

We should attach importance to increasing the support and incentives and branding.

 Export Incentives in Furniture Industry;

               Participation in international fairs and exhibitions, finance, brand promotion and promotion, market research, educational aid, patent, utility model, research and development, export orientation, environmental costs, employment assistance, opening a store abroad, consultancy, business and brand promotion activities, common use It consists of supports such as machinery, equipment and advanced technology loans. In the conditions of increasing competition of small and medium-sized furniture enterprises the problems they identified for restructuring, lack of trained personnel, raw materials technological inadequacy and energy are listed as. In companies that implement total quality management, the product quality of customers, the importance given to customer complaints, importance given to the customer, service and distribution channels and they are more satisfied with the processing speed dimensions they pointed out.

As a result, the quality level of the products is the stages of the product from the design to the delivery to the user. in-house and service during use. It refers to a wide-ranging process due to the fact that it is within the scope of its services. Therefore, marketing is an influencing factor.

Most of the companies surveyed Within the framework of customer satisfaction, it is necessary to have national or international quality and standards in marketing. reported that they have a competitive advantage Competitive advantage of these companies in marketing "After-sales services, products in accordance with usage standards" , unlimited quality understanding, products that comply with health standards, low-priced products


In this study; Ankara, Bursa and Kayseri medium and large scale furniture operating in the provinces based on the analysis of the quality and on the effects of standardization on marketing The determinations were made and the results are given below. Establishing a quality system of enterprises, quality certification and compliance with national/international standards. effects on marketing in terms of increasing the prestige of the company in terms of quality, ensuring continuity, customer satisfaction increase, the development of export opportunities and the market play a significant role in increasing the share of has been found to be. At this point, businesses especially in international markets must establish the quality system for documents and national/international standards are recommended.


 Another result is that the companies surveyed in the dimensions and tolerances of the products produced standardization to national/international standards in terms of the effects of compliance on marketing in reducing customer anxiety, import / export in the development of the possibilities of the international measurement union, to increase its foreign market share and to provide in reducing the cost of transportation / transportation / installation found to have a significant effect. This size and size of the products produced by the enterprises within the framework of in accordance with international standards in tolerances will increase its foreign market share.