İstanbul Furniture Fair

Indole Furniture

Indole furniture factory, we have been serving with the quality and reliability of our furniture for years. The quality of our furniture dates back a long time. We bring together different perspectives by making use of furniture factories such as Inegöl, Kayseri, Ankara, Adana, Hatay, Istanbul… that come to mind when furniture is mentioned. Our furniture types have a durable system by renewing themselves for many years and not protecting themselves from the development process. It has a carnival that fills the eyes with our varieties that can appeal to every age and every environment. Indole furniture also appeals to large masses, whether domestic or abroad.

 It can also offer wholesale operations to factories or outlets. Indole furniture, which has a quality service understanding, has managed to draw attention to its traditions and customs, and the harmony of modern life with its success. They also have strategies with different impressions to suit them. Developing these strategies enables our store to achieve success on its behalf. Indole Furniture aims to present different perspectives by providing product designs with experts. Presenting different perspectives also makes people's styles effective. It is also of great importance that it appeals to the eyes.


What are the Indole Furniture Types?

Indole furniture types can also follow the latest fashions. At the same time, it shows the variety of adaptation to the agenda with the variety of models we call Retro. Indole furniture takes care to appeal to the essence. What are their diversity? These are among the products especially preferred by women, such as bedroom sets, wardrobes, dressers, nightstands, and laundry. One of the reasons why it is preferred is that these products are the savior products of women.

 While designing or putting these products into service, attention was paid to appealing to people's eyes and making them useful. It also allows you to have an easier impression by seeing how the American models, bedroom models, showrom and models look at home. It makes it easier for us to choose the products when we see whether they suit the houses or not. The selection of varieties can also be effective on people.


In What Kinds of Areas Can Indole Furniture Show Up?

We attend international furniture fairs and furniture exhibitions.  18thInternational Istanbul Furniture Fair

Leaders of the furniture industry will come together at

CNR Mobilya – 18th International Istanbul Furniture Fair, blending brand new designs and unique concepts

between 26 - 30 July 2022. The world’s biggest furniture only and Turkey’s only international and unrivaled

furniture exhibition in terms of the number of exhibitors & visitors and trade rate, CNR Mobilya, will create an ideal

trade platform that industry leaders prefer to reach their target markets and contact professional buyers.

Fairs are among the indispensable areas of furniture and brands. The quality and design of the products presented to the fair are specially designed and presented to the taste of the people. You will have the chance to see how high quality and eye-catching products are, which you can find the opportunity to examine at the Istanbul fair. To make your seats look their best, you must choose the right fabric.

You'll be touching that fabric every day for years, so you have to make sure which type of fabric you like best. Color, naturalness, durability, stain resistance... In order to clarify the most important factor for you, you must first determine the quality of sofa fabrics. Indole furniture provides you with a more comfortable life by determining them on behalf of you in a quality way. Through our fair, you can try the products together and learn about their designs. Istanbul fair provides you with easy access to products with its wide range capacity.


What are the Most Preferred Products?

Indole furniture has offered its products on its own site according to the most preferred and used rates. Among the most preferred products are various bedroom models. Bedroom models do not neglect to appeal to the eyes with the latest agenda model variety. There is a variety for all tastes and all ages. Colors and textures are among the products that appeal to the eye in general.

 In general, all products of our store are preferred. It is among the successful products. Our products are in positive feedback without complaints. Positive opinions and suggestions are carefully evaluated and positive results are obtained.