With the developing technology; furniture industry met with new materials,

carries its design and applications further every day. Turkey

The furniture sector has the largest market among all sectors.

 Factors affecting furniture design are divided into two as material and production.

are separated. Existence of the designed furniture or re-use with a new material.

Materials and production factors play an important role during production. wood,

glass, plastic, metal and textile products, functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics,

Form and psychological effects are inseparable factors for product design.

5.1. Material Factor

 Materials for all of the materials used in the production of the product in furniture

is called. The use of materials is suitable for the purpose and function of the design.

should be. While shaping the material product, cultural, economic, physiological and

with methods suitable for the conditions of the region in connection with psychological factors.

must be formatted.

 While working on the product to be designed at the design stage, the design of the product

material selection is very important. To be used in the product design phase

The physical properties of the material should be taken into consideration. to design

Choosing the right materials used appropriately increases the popularity of the design.

With the developing technology, the furniture industry has met with new materials and

carries forward its design and applications day by day. furniture in Turkey

It has the largest market among the sectors and has the largest

is one of the developing sectors and the biggest supporter of this situation is

is technology. Special machines are used at every stage of furniture production.

It is separate for the procurement of raw materials, the creation and implementation of designs.

This sector, in which separate machines are used, has to keep up with the technological developments.

has to. Different strength, flexibility, texture and workmanship of materials

has. Each processed material is obtained with different technologies.

 The materials that make up the furniture are different according to different usage purposes.

necessitates the use of materials. In the seat design, the skeleton is wooden.

After it has been decided that it should be in the recline, that is, in the backrest and armrest sections.

Determining the appropriate upholstery, such as fabric and leather, used a number of different materials.

armchair design and production is realized by using them together. Also made seat

It also affects the material selection in the space to be used. hospital, office and


It is resistant to deformation and cleaning in places with intense use such as workplaces.

It is shaped according to the use of easy materials. Brief material selection

It should be decided according to the environment in which the furniture will be used and it should be shaped accordingly.

In addition to the aesthetic and beautiful appearance of the furniture, it is one of the most important points.

not only the appearance of the furniture, but also the quality of the material used and

resistance to deformations is important.

5.1.1. Wood Material

 The most used material in furniture is wood. Mankind's first tools

The wood he used to make it came into our lives in this way in history. first

Although it has been used since ancient times, its importance until today.

It came without losing. Furniture as wood, timber or veneer board

It is among the primary materials of the industry. wood used to make furniture

origin materials, solid, (timber) veneer board, plywood, plywood, fiberboard,

particleboard, laminate, paper and resin-impregnated or plastic-coated decorative sheets

We can classify as

 The comfort it provides in the place or products it is used due to its natural structure,

the feeling of peace could not be filled with any other raw material. In the making of furniture

correctly at the beginning of the desired properties from the wood material to be used.

is to be determined. Material selection of wood material used in furniture making

is of great importance. How sensitive is it if the appropriate wood material is not selected?

If it is tried, some problems may arise. wood to be used

The surface quality of the material increases the preferability of the furniture. This

In addition to being able to obtain a good surface quality and to solve it with the least cost,

It is important. application of processing conditions in appropriate combination


3.1.2. Glass Material

 It has always been in our living spaces from ancient times until today. Before

Glass, which is mostly used for decoration, was developed and developed after the industrial revolution.

has been used for different purposes. Glass, with the advancing technology in recent years,

together, it has become an important material in our country. Glass material in design and

It has become an indispensable element in daily life. The material is fragile and heavy

Because it is used together with different materials. Nowadays

Changing the light transmittance of the glass with the technology of

It was possible to increase the temperature and increase the resistance against heat. Thus, the use of glass

areas have increased.


5.1.3. Plastic Material

 Plastic materials are easily molded by the molding method.

germination and desired

Many innovations in furniture designs in terms of applying design in the form

has brought. Being resistant to weather conditions, flexible, light, with a wide variety of colors

Because of its advantages such as low cost and low cost, designers, manufacturers

and has made it highly preferred by users. very long in nature

The fact that the years have not disappeared has enabled the designers to turn to recycling.

 5.1.4. Metal Material

 Metal materials, high thermal and electrical conductivity, gloss, deformation

It has been used in different fields in the industry due to its susceptibility. after wood

One of the oldest known materials is metal. Robust, lightweight, high-impact

It is preferred because of its durability and easy shaping. Steel and

Aluminum has become popular among the materials used in designs. Metal

The material is used in furniture as well as in interior design.

used for its convenience. Availability of material, production and

Due to the ease of assembly, it offers solutions suitable for the speed expectation.

5.1.5. Textile

 Textile materials consisting of leather and fabrics are used in furniture design.

used for the purpose. Color and texture by softening the effect of form in furniture

has entered our lives with its diversity. Leather is expensive and labor intensive compared to fabric material.

Since it is more difficult, it provides prestige in furniture.

5.2. Production Factor

 Factors of production are the elements necessary for the emergence of a product.

Since the furniture designed with mass production is produced in large numbers, the material used,

The amount of expended labor and energy resources is also large. For this reason the design

The slightest mistake to be made at the decision stage will waste all production materials.

can. Therefore, it is necessary for the designer to design appropriate and error-free furniture.

satisfies both the producer and the consumer. Also, a properly

The design ensures the expansion of the manufacturer's market. to the production stage

All designers should pay attention. But the most important thing

must be mass-produced designers.


5.2.1. functionality

 Technological developments have brought functionality in furniture. Everything on the market

the product is a kind of continuation of the old product by adding different functions for the next product,

becomes more functional. Today, almost all products are functional.

are designed by adding features. For users who change furniture frequently

Furniture with many functions will meet many needs of users.

It is designed as such.

 Furniture design is very important because people buy furniture very much.

They prefer functional and visually appealing furniture.

The main reason why functional furniture is preferred is that the furniture is

that it has multiple functions. In this way, people in their homes or workplaces,

will gain from space and when the people they want to host come, they have a place for them.

They will have acquired furniture that they can prepare as Because of these reasons

Besides the normal use of the furniture, it is also open to other uses.

It is a very important thing to have. When all these reasons are combined, individuals

Functional furniture choices are very important. With this type of furniture

people create more comfortable home and work environments by serving many purposes.

 When considered both in terms of budget and use

Furniture preferences with different functions provide advantages for individuals.

Today, practical and functional furniture can be easily assembled,

simplification and simple maintenance and repair functions by the consumer himself.

makes the use of functional furniture important.

5.2.2. Ergonomics

 Ergonomics, which has an important place in our lives, has been widely used in many areas.

has. Products suitable for use by people with ergonomics and anthropometric data

design is carried out. We use it in every aspect of our lives.

design and production of furniture with ergonomic and anthropometric features

It is very important.

 “Ergonomics is concerned with the interaction between people and the understanding of other elements of the system.

related, scientific discipline, the happiness of individuals and the performance of the whole system

It is a profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to make

Weerdmeesder, 2001).

 “Anthropometry is body length, shape, strength and working capacity.

It is a science that deals with body measurements” (Pheasant,


 Anthropometric measurements of individuals, age, weight, height, gender, nutrition and

differ depending on where they live. Suitable for people's body sizes


designed furniture allows people to use the furniture comfortably and with full efficiency.

provides. Furniture that is produced or under design

It should be designed in accordance with physical and mental characteristics and anthropometric measurements.

Not conforming to anthropometric criterian furniture users' structural and physical

negatively affect their development.

5.2.3. Aesthetic

 Aesthetics, literally, is a phenomenon at the center of our lives.

It is a subject that varies from person to person and is open to discussion. sensation, senses, perception, emotion

It has meanings such as perceiving. Many people believe that the service they receive and the

He wants the items to look aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, furniture

aesthetic understanding has a great place in human life especially recently.

is holding. Form, color, pattern, size, proportion, texture,

paint, accessories can be seen as aesthetic or appearance features with a single expression.

comes out. The external appearance of the product and its suitability for the taste of the consumer

which should be considered in the first degree, but also the existing production possibilities

It is an issue that needs to be evaluated. The consumer always prioritizes the aesthetics of the product.

looking for elements. For this reason, the desired shape of the material forming the product,

It must be processed with appropriate methods in order to bring it into color and pattern.

5.2.4. Form

 Form, the effect of forms in nature on the shaping of furniture design.

is of great importance. In the works of many designers from ancient times to the present day.

sometimes hidden, sometimes openly natural forms are used.

Forms in nature are not only for furniture design, but also for many designs.

and it is seen that there is a starting point in the field of science. in various periods

Natural forms, which are used completely as an example in designs, are becoming more popular nowadays.

interpreted in a different way.

5.2.5. Psychology

 Throughout history, people's social and personal development and changing conditions

they have lived through spiritual changes. The material used in the furniture, selected

the use of color and furniture in accordance with the purpose of people's emotional energies.

affects. The first of these is the colors in our homes where we spend the most time.

and furniture layout. A little detail on furniture and human psychology

Considering how important our home order is in our lives,

we can see that. For example, if we furnish our house like an office, our mood will be negative.

direction will be affected. Especially those who spend time in areas such as offices for a long time


to encounter a more comfortable environment when they arrive and to find peace in such an environment

they want. Just like an office, big desks, heavy colored furniture make one feel still.

It will make him feel at work and affect his psychology. Therefore the house

It is very important to act according to the mood of the person while laying. given by the furniture

energy can have positive and negative effects on people. in this

in furniture selection, the user's love and adoption of the product to be purchased